Futureproofing the Meals Machine Nov 15-17

Put differently, how can the meals business prevent being a part of the issue, and turn into a part of the answer? 

In our FREE-TO-ATTEND virtual summit Futureproofing the Meals Machine​​ hosted through Elaine Watson and Liz Crawford November 15-17, we can discover 3 subject matters over 3 days by means of a mix of fireplace chats and panel debates with stakeholders​​ from around the provide chain, from farm (or bioreactor) to fork…

  • November 15: Meals Tech in Focal point​ (precision fermentation; meat 2.0; dairy 2.0)
  • November 16: Meals as Medication​ (upgrading the western vitamin; rising purposeful components)
  • November 17: The Round Financial system​ (climate-smart methods, packaging, meals waste, upcycling)

We all know no longer everybody can find the money for to spend all day attending a digital tournament, so we’ve damaged down on a daily basis into two bite-sized classes of round 90 mins, so you’ll be able to sign up​​ for the entire thing, or select and blend the classes you’re maximum fascinated with.


Futureproofing the Meals Machine Nov 15-17

MORNING SESSION: ​Sustainable Sourcing for Colours, Flavors, and Sweeteners; and plotting a long term for dairy… with out cows

11am- 12.45pm Central time

PANEL: Biosynthesis: Fermentation and the way forward for flavors, colours and sweeteners ​Does it all the time make sense to extract flavors, colours, sweeteners and different meals components from vegetation if you’ll be able to produce them extra successfully – and extra sustainably – by means of microbial fermentation, ‘cell-free’ approaches or plant mobile tradition?

  • Dr Joshua Britton, ​founder and CEO, Debut Biotech  
  • Nusqe Spanton, ​founder and CEO, Provectus Algae
  • Dr David Welch, ​CSO and co-founder, Synthesis Capital
  • Ricky Cassini, ​CEO and co-founder, Michroma
  • Dr Erin Marasco, ​international biology lead, Cargill
  • MODERATOR: Elaine Watson​, senior editor, FoodNavigator-USA

PANEL: Dairy 2.0​: Plant-based milks now account for greater than 15% of the fluid milk marketplace, whilst plant-based cheese, creamers, yogurts and ice cream proceed to achieve traction. So the place is the marketplace going subsequent, the place’s the white area within the class, and what’s the possibility of a brand new wave of ‘animal-free dairy’ merchandise made with actual milk proteins and fat, minus the cows?

  • Miyoko Schinner, ​founder and CEO, Miyoko’s Creamery   
  • Dave Ritterbush, ​CEO, Califia Farms   
  • Matt Gibson, ​co-founder and CEO, New Tradition
  • IFF Nourish TBC
  • MODERATOR: Elaine Watson​, senior editor, FoodNavigator-USA

afternoon future of meat

AFTERNOON SESSION: The Long run of Meat

1.30pm-3pm Central time

FIRESIDE CHAT: Mobile-cultured (a.ok.a. ‘cultivated’) meat: Foodtech delusion or the way forward for meat?

Dr Elliot Swartz, lead scientist, cultivated meat, The Excellent Meals Institute and Elaine Watson, senior editor, FoodNavigator-USA

Rising meat from cells in bioreactors as an alternative of residing respiring animals must logically be extra environment friendly, as sources are spent on rising best the cells that make up the beef product reasonably than preserving an animal alive. So is cultivated meat a no-brainer, or does the generation face ‘intractable’ issues at meals scale?

PANEL: Meat 2.0: ​With weakening gross sales within the alt-meat section prompting some severe soul-searching, what does the longer term grasp for meat choices, how do the to be had choices stack up, what is going to distinguish the winners from the losers within the class, and the way do shoppers really feel in regards to the subsequent technology of meat?

  • Ethan Brown, ​co-founder and CEO, Past Meat 
  • Dr Lisa Dyson, ​founder and CEO, Air Protein
  • Dr Tyler Huggins​, co-founder, Meati Meals
  • Abena Foli, ​head of regulatory affairs, Orbillion Bio
  • MODERATOR: ​Elaine Watson, senior editor, FoodNavigator-USA



MORNING SESSION: ​Upgrading the Western Nutrition

11am- 12.30pm Central time

FIRESIDE CHAT:  Is the western vitamin slowly killing us? ​The western vitamin – and the trendy global, from antibiotic use to hyper-sanitary environments – are wreaking havoc with our microbiome and our metabolic gadget, so how are we able to shift intake patterns in a more fit course? 

Dr. Charles Platkin, govt director and founder Heart for Meals As Medication and Hunter School NYC Meals Coverage Heart​, and Liz Crawford, deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA

Presentation from IFF Nourish

PANEL: From produce prescriptions to medically adapted foods and customized diet: Integrating diet into the healthcare gadget​ Meals is a central power of existence – giving us the gasoline we wish to pass about our days, however sadly it us additionally the number 1 reason behind deficient well being in The united states with an estimated 700,000 deaths once a year associated with what we devour. Meals doesn’t must be the enemy although. So how are we able to spice up get entry to and affordability to wholesome meals thru leading edge public-private partnerships that carry in combination outlets, producers, well being care suppliers, insurers and nationwide leaders?

  • Amy Jolin, ​construction director, Healthy Wave
  • Leslie Jefferson, ​neighborhood well being program supervisor, Large Meals
  • Mark Walker, ​co-founder and CEO, Dugout Ventures
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford, ​deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA


AFTERNOON SESSION: ​Sizzling & Rising Practical Components

1.30pm- 3pm Central time

FIRESIDE CHAT:  Mushrooms for well being with Dr Sandra Carter, founder, Om Mushroom Superfood, and Liz Crawford, deputy editor FoodNavigator-USA

From cordyceps and reishi to chaga, lion’s mane, turkey tail and shiitake, so-called ‘medicinal’ mushrooms are gaining traction in meals and drinks, buoyed through rising pastime in adaptogens and immunity. However as with all trending purposeful components, patrons must do their homework.

Presentation:  Dr Justin Inexperienced, director of medical affairs, EpiCor (Cargill)

PANEL: From immune toughen to temper moderation: A focus on sizzling and rising purposeful components ​COVID-19 has speeded up pastime in meals and drinks that toughen the immune gadget, with rankings of manufacturers now looking for to toughen their photographs, drinks, and snacks with nutrients, minerals, probiotics, botanicals, and different components claimed to toughen the frame’s herbal defenses. We discover what shoppers are searching for, which components manufacturers wish to, and whether or not it is a fad, or a sustainable pattern.

  • Scott Frohman, ​founder an CEO, Odyssey Wellness
  • Jim Simon, ​founder and CEO, JimmyBar!
  • Rachel Yarcony, ​founder and co-CEO, MyAir
  • Dr Justin Inexperienced, ​director of medical affairs, EpiCor (Cargill)
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford, ​deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA



MORNING SESSION:  ​What does Sustainable Sourcing Actually Imply?

11am- 12.45pm Central time

PANEL: The weather sensible roadmap… ​Just about each and every meals & beverage logo now makes some more or less enchantment to the shopper about its inexperienced credentials, spanning the whole lot from ‘carbon-neutral’ and ‘sustainably-sourced’ to ‘climate-friendly,’ ‘water-positive,’ ‘regeneratively-farmed’ and ‘zero-waste.’ However how do business patrons – and shoppers – assess those claims, make significant comparisons between merchandise in the similar class, and keep alert to the ever present danger of greenwashing? 

  • João Brites, ​director of enlargement & innovation, HowGood  
  • Jeremiah McElwee, ​leader vending officer, Thrive Marketplace
  • Matthew Hayek, ​assistant professor within the division of environmental research, NYU
  • Andrew Utterback, ​senior supervisor sustainability, Ingredion
  • MODERATOR: Elaine Watson​, senior editor, FoodNavigator-USA

Presentation- Andrew Utterback, ​senior supervisor sustainability, Ingredion

PANEL: Sustainable packaging… from recyclable to compostable to re-usable, to fit to be eaten packaging ​What growth is the business making on decreasing the environmental have an effect on of meals packaging, and what wishes to modify inside business or at a regulatory degree to make this occur?

  • Christine Yeager​, director of sustainability, Coca-Cola Corporate North The united states
  • John Hewitt​, VP Packaging and Sustainability, Client Manufacturers Affiliation 
  • Sadrah Schadel​, co-founder and CEO, No Evil Meals​,   
  • Anne Greven, ​International Head of Meals and Agribusiness Innovation and the FoodBytes! platform, Rabobank
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford​, deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA


AFTERNOON SESSION:  ​Meals Waste & Upcycling in Focal point

1.30pm- 3pm Central time

FIRESIDE CHAT Sherri Livengood, director of environmental affairs, Danone North The united states, and Elaine Watson, senior editor, FoodNavigator-USA

‘Meals waste… an invisible tax on all of the meals gadget…’ ​Waste is generated at each and every degree of the meals provide chain, from produce that by no means makes it off the farm to byproducts of commercial meals manufacturing from acid whey to sugary wastewater. So how can meals corporations cut back the waste they produce and divert waste from landfill to be reused, recycled, or composted?

PANEL: Upcycling in center of attention: From ‘rescued produce’ to barley milk from brewer’s spent grains​ From snacks made with espresso fruit, and light ale made out of surplus bread, to diet bars made with spent grains, enterprising startups are exploring leading edge techniques to sq. the circle and create value-added merchandise and aspirational manufacturers the usage of byproducts from meals processes or components that may differently be thrown away. We carry in combination CPG manufacturers to discover how they constructed manufacturers and provide chains the usage of upcycled components, how they keep up a correspondence the advantages to shoppers, and what new components or alternatives they’re exploring.

  • Turner Wyatt, ​CEO, Upcycled Meals Affiliation
  • Caroline Cotto, ​co-founder and COO, Renewal Mill 
  • Dan Kurzrock​, founder, ReGrained
  • Molly Laverty​, senior supervisor of ESG, Del Monte Meals
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford​, deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA

To determine extra about this FREE tournament​, ​which is backed through EpiCor postbiotic (Cargill)​​, IFF​​, Ingredion​​, Cargill​​, and FoodBytes! Via Rabobank​​, Amano Enzyme​​, Evergrain (ABInBev)​​, Spoonshot​​, and Exberry through GNT​,​ and supported through Oat Vita​​, click on at the hyperlinks beneath:

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